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Fifth Anniversary Tangerine Brooch

Update (July 6, 10:24am): All brooches have been sold. I'll be shipping the last of the orders today. Thank you!


Sales of the Fifth Anniversary Tangerine brooch will be made through this lottery; there will not be a timed release. Winners will be drawn from the comments below to receive an invoice; please see the product details for this brooch here. The price is $118, and shipping is $9 to the United States and US Territories, $13.70 to Canada, $15.90 to the European Union and UK, and $18.50 to the rest of the world.

To enter, leave a comment below that includes your shipping country. Please use the email address to which I should send an invoice if your comment is drawn, and make sure to check your email following the closure of the lottery! You may wish to add to your contacts to ensure that our emails don't go to your spam folder. Your email address will not be posted publicly. There is a limit of one entry per household. Do not enter multiple times and do not enter others - or ask others to enter - on your behalf. Entries that do not conform to these rules are invalid. Entries will close tomorrow, July 1st at 6pm Pacific Time. I will keep this post updated as I draw winners and send invoices. Thank you and good luck!


  • Australia

  • USA citrus please 🍊

  • I’d love to go on the lottery for a beautiful orange.

  • Australia … know I’m late but only just saw the post … love your work!!!

  • Australia … know I’m late but only just saw the post … love your work!!!


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