Fourth Anniversary Tiny Tangerine Giveaway

Update (May 30th, 7:50pm): All the brooches have been spoken for now; most shipped today and the remaining ones will ship tomorrow. Thank you again for so many thoughtful, happy entries!

Today is my fourth Tangerine Menagiversary, and to celebrate, I’ve made a batch of my Tiny Tangerine brooches to give away! We get a lot of questions about and requests for this brooch; I designed it to be a gift and it’s not one I will ever make to sell. But I do want to be creative in finding ways to give them to people who will enjoy them and what better occasion than my anniversary?

There will be 20 winners; ten will be drawn at random and Cait and I will choose our favorite responses for the other ten.

Because of the number of prizes, I will be asking winners to cover the cost of shipping. To the US, this will be $5; to Canada, $10; to the rest of the world, $14. I understand that asking people to pay to ship a gift isn’t ideal, but when I held a poll on Instagram to ask whether people would prefer to see more winners or free shipping, the overwhelming majority voted for more winners.

There is a strict limit of one entry per person. Please do not enter using multiple email addresses and please do not enter others on your behalf. Please do not enter the giveaway in order to sell or swap the brooch if you win. If you win and after a time decide that you’re done with the brooch, I hope you will choose to give it to someone else as it was given to you.

For weeks, I’ve been trying to come up with a prompt for entries and I’ve discarded a bunch of ideas. Finally, yesterday, I realized what I wanted to ask you: please leave a comment and tell me about something good. I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch and I just want to hear about something in your life that makes it better or happier - it could be a book or a movie or a podcast; it could be something you did recently; it could be a person or animal; it could be an outfit you wore last week that made you feel cute. It doesn’t need to be a big life-changing thing; small pleasures are wonderful too. Please also include your shipping country so I know what shipping rate to invoice you for if you win!

The giveaway closes Sunday, May 26th, at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Cait and I will notify winners by the end of the day on May 29th. Winners will have 24 hours to pay their shipping invoices or we will select another winner. Good luck and thank you for four fabulous years!


  • Just throwing my hat into this ring to share some happiness – not for giveaway entry, obviously!
    Recently I bought a home. It came after two long years of painful decisions and stressful transitions, even right up until the last couple of weeks. But each day I come home and there is sunlight coming in my windows. My kitchen is full of art projects, baking and wine. My living room is full of tiki-inspired stuff, art made just for me by good friends and colors that Julia gave me the courage to slap on the walls. It looks exactly the way I want it to and just the way I’ve always dreamed it might.
    Every room is calm and beautiful and it’s MINE. I’ve never lived alone before so it’s been a transition for sure, and this week I’ll get to include a new roommate… a former stray cat I’m naming Lou. But if it wasn’t for my amazing family, loving partner and exceedingly patient friends, this would not have happened. Especially not without Julia who supported and encouraged and believed in me week after week and year after year until my life looked the way I wanted it to. May we all be so lucky as to have (and be) that kind of friend. So even if there are clouds in the way, we can all offer each other a little bit of sunshine when we need it most.
    So far this year has been a real slog. But the messages of encouragement here and the happiness you’ve all been so kind to share makes me so happy. <3 Love to everyone here and best of luck to all of you in the lottery drawings!

  • I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time, I have too.
    My beloved seventeen year old cat passed away. When one of my close friends found out, she messaged me to ask if I would be home in the afternoon to drop something off; she wasn’t trying to hang out, as she understood that I needed space to grieve.
    Two hours later I open my door to my friend standing there holding an enormous homemade veggie lasagne (deliberately veggie so I wouldn’t be surviving off trash).
    I sobbed.

    It was delicious and my friend was responsible for my nourishment for the week, such an intensely beautiful and caring act.


  • I had my bridal shower yesterday and my great aunt, who is 93 and still living her absolute best life, drove over 3 hours to be there. I was so surprised to see her. And then she gave me the gift she had brought me. She crocheted a HUGE blanket that is the size of my king bed. She made it in my favorite color (yellow) and Taylor’s favorite color (blue) and wove the two colors together in a gorgeous pattern called “Wedding Rings”. It was absolutely priceless and I am still speechless over this incredible labor of love. The best part is, she told me she started making it last September, which was 6 months before Taylor and I got engaged haha! She said she knew after she met him that he was the one I was going to marry. 😊

  • I work in an inclusive preschool classroom. Our class ranges from “typical” children to children with disabilities, some highly impacted. People have often described me throughout my life as a giant child, and it was not always intended as a compliment. However at this job it makes me a hot commodity. Preschool is all about teaching cooperative play and social skills. My coworkers all say that my role is teaching children how to play and be silly. What makes me happiest is when I’m at work and I’ve just made a funny face or a real bad dad joke and a student looks at me and says “Mr. Dan, you’re silly”. Honestly the greatest compliment I could ask for.

    Dan Anderson
  • A stray cat i feed that I previously thought had gotten Fixed in my mission to trap and release all the neighborhood kittens through a local nonprofit program spurted out a litter of kittens a few months back. After a good amount of feeding and getting them used to a human, on top of that not losing any to sickness or anything, I was able to find forever homes for all four of the little fur balls. It’s a great feeling to give them a better comfortable life than what they could have been stuck dealing with in being strays. So I’m finding a shiny moment of joy from these little kittens finding happy homes to be the lazy and playful carefree cuties they could possibly be.

    Ca, USA

    Javier J

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