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Sixth Tangerine Menagiversary Giveaway


Update (May 31, 9:37am): I've heard back from all of my winners! Today is a postal holiday in the US, but I'm getting all the brooches packed up and they will ship tomorrow, June 1. Thank you so much to everyone who entered; it was a delight to read about your favorite birds, and believe me when I say that you made choosing favorites for the ten hand-picked winners a daunting task indeed. 💜

Tangerine Menagerie turns six today! To celebrate, I will be giving away twenty of my new Tiny Tangerine brooches. Ten winners will be drawn at random and Cait and I will choose our favorite responses for the other ten. To enter:

Leave a comment below and tell me, briefly, about your favorite bird. This isn't a sneaky design poll or anything; I've taken up birding in the pandemic, and I'm just curious! Make sure you also include your shipping country in your comment.

Because of the number of prizes, I will be asking winners to cover the cost of shipping. To the US, this will be $5; to Canada, $11.25; to the rest of the world, $13.25. I understand that asking people to pay to ship a gift isn’t ideal, but when I held a poll on Instagram to ask whether people would prefer to see more winners or free shipping, the overwhelming majority voted for more winners. If the cost of shipping is truly not in your means right now, I will sponsor shipping for up to five winners.

There is a strict limit of one entry per person. Do not enter using multiple email addresses and do not enter others, or have others enter, on your behalf. Please do not enter the giveaway in order to sell or swap the brooch if you win. If you win and after a time decide that you’re done with the brooch, I hope you will give it to someone else as it was given to you.

The giveaway closes Friday, May 28, at 11:59pm Pacific Time. I will notify winners by the end of the day on May 30. Winners will have 48 hours to pay their shipping invoices or we will select another person. Brooches will be marked as a gift on the customs form for winners outside of the US, but the recipient will be responsible for any import taxes or customs fees imposed by their country. Good luck and thank you for six fabulous years! 🧡


  • I love all birds backyard birds especially blue jays and Robins little chickadees for an exotic bird I love the oriental dwarf kingfisher bird watching can be soo enjoyable 🇺🇸

    Amy Rebecca Babiarz
  • The Kookaburra- My dad always loved them – when he passed always I had special flowers made to look like one when we were at the grave it was raining – then all of a sudden the sun shone for a second and a kookaburra started laughing- I call them all Reggie after my Dad ♥️

    Jason Boyle
  • I can’t see my entry but I’m pretty sure I didn’t put I was in Australia.
    Thank you.

    Felicity Rust
  • Australia
    My favourite bird is the English Kingfisher. So beautifully blue and tiny, it reminds me of the farm I grew up on.

    Charlotte Marshall
  • The secretary bird, because they’re beautiful but in a kind of terrifying way.



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