COVID-19 Shipping Impacts

The ongoing pandemic will likely intermittently affect shipping times, especially for our international customers, as covid waves come and go.

The US Postal Service has been experiencing occasional service delays of one or two days beyond normal expected delivery timeframes due to staffing shortages in some areas. USPS has suspended service to some countries, meaning that we cannot currently ship to them. We monitor these closely, but we don't receive any advance notice of new service suspensions, so it is possible that our ability to ship to any given country may change quickly. Although the vast majority of countries are not impacted by service suspensions, lockdowns, transportation disruption, increased mail volume, and/or reduced staff mean there is a high probability that transit times will be longer than they were pre-pandemic.

Some countries cannot currently process and deliver international mail due to service suspensions or a lack of transportation. Other countries can still deliver mail but are experiencing service disruptions and significant delays. Please check USPS International Service Alerts for the latest updates on your country's situation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the fluctuating situation!