Important shipping information for Australia and New Zealand

Shipping cost increases

Update: Please see current shipping information for Australian customers here.


Unfortunately, as of July 2021, I have had to raise shipping prices for packages going to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Earlier this year, I changed my shipping method for packages to all international destinations besides Canada. Where previously I had used the US Postal Service's First Class International for all destinations outside of the United States, 2021 brought steep price increases that prompted me to investigate alternatives. I have been using Asendia, which is a subsidiary of Swiss Post that partners with local couriers in your country to handle delivery. While this option has been economical and efficient for most countries so far, the delivery carrier for Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore has not proven reliable, with an unacceptable rate of lost and damaged packages to those destinations.


I always want to choose the shipping option that provides the best combination of speed, reliability, and affordability, but I think we can all agree that the deciding factor has to be the carrier's ability to deliver your brooch undamaged. With that in mind, I am reverting back to USPS First Class International for shipments to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. I do not take shipping cost increases lightly, and I only ever charge the real cost of shipping your package; I make no profit on postage costs.