Dodo Brooch
Dodo Brooch

Dodo Brooch

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`What else have you got in your pocket?' [the Dodo] went on, turning to Alice.
`Only a thimble,' said Alice sadly.
`Hand it over here,' said the Dodo.
Then they all crowded round her once more, while the Dodo solemnly presented the thimble, saying `We beg your acceptance of this elegant thimble'; and, when it had finished this short speech, they all cheered.


This charming brooch captures Lewis Carroll's Dodo in all his well-meaning pomposity. It's made of six hand-painted layers of plexiglass, finished off with a glossy coat of crystal-clear resin. It measures approximately 2.5" tall and 2" wide.

Each piece is painted, assembled, and finished entirely by hand, so each one is unique and may vary slightly from the photos. Small flaws and imperfections are inherent to the nature of these handmade pieces.

Tangerine Menagerie brooches will arrive signed and dated on the back and beautifully packaged for gift-giving and safekeeping.

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