Tangerine Menagerie’s story began in early 2015, when I fell in love with a vintage novelty brooch at an estate sale. I started playing around with different materials and techniques to create something unique but vintage-inspired, and finally decided to hand-paint layers of clear acrylic, which I like for its ability to create depth and detail. I started as a hobbyist with a handful of designs and an Etsy shop, but to my surprise and delight, Tangerine Menagerie quickly turned into a (very) full-time job.

In the years since then, I’ve been honored to become part of a wonderful international community of people who enjoy and support my work. I continue to design and make each piece that we sell, and the Tangerine Menagerie family now includes my dear friends Kathy, who helps with packaging and shipping, Cait, who handles customer service and social media, and Beetlejuice, my stripy hound mix, who has held the title of Distractor-in-Chief since 2016.