Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about returns or exchanges? Please see our Policies page!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship all over the world from Seattle.

Can you make me a custom brooch, or can you change the size or color of a brooch that you already make?

Unfortunately, we do not accept custom orders.

The brooch that I want is sold out! Will you make more?

Probably, although we are only able to make most designs once or twice a year, so it may be several months before a sold-out design is restocked. We do retire designs from time to time to make room for new pieces, and seasonal designs are only available for a limited time, so if there's a brooch you can't live without, we always recommend buying it when you see it!

When do you list new or restocking items?

We vary release times to accommodate customers in different time zones. Large restocks and releases are typically announced in advance on Instagram and restocks of just a few brooches are usually done at random times without an announcement.

Can you tell me when you will make a specific design again?

A lot of factors contribute to which brooches Julia works on at a given time, and projects can start and stop for various reasons, so we are unable to provide estimates for when a design will be made again, but Julia shares hints about what she is making at the moment on Instagram.

Which designs are retired?

The following designs are retired as of December 2017: Eiffel Tower, Pin-Up Witch (2015 design), Arctic Fox, Honey Bee, Maila Nurmi, Ginger Kitten, the four Seasonal Pixies, Tiki Cocktail, Ship in a Bottle, Hummingbird, La Catrina, Lion (2015 design), Pastel Dachshunds, Hula Dancer, Dress Form, Neverland Ship, Dapper Hat, French Bulldog, Curious Leaves, Alice (2015 design), Pin-Up Witch (2017 design), Treasure Chest, and White Rabbit (2015 design). Designs not on this list are considered current, meaning that Julia plans to make them again in the future.

Can you notify me when the brooch that I want is restocked?

We simply receive too many requests to be able to send individual notifications when items are restocked. Restocking information for large releases is shared on our Instagram, and smaller restocks may appear randomly as Julia finishes individual pieces.

I had a brooch in my cart, but it sold out before I finished checking out. What happened?

Shopify's checkout system is designed to reserve your items for you once you begin the checkout process, but does not hold items in your cart. Since releases often involve more people trying to buy a specific design than we have in stock, only the first people to begin checking out will have their items held. We understand that it is very frustrating to miss out on an item that you really want and do our best to make as many of our popular designs as possible to allow our customers the best chance to get the pieces they want.

Can I place a pre-order for a design that is sold out or that I saw is coming soon?

We are unfortunately not able to accept pre-orders or make brooches to order. For a very small business selling handmade items that take a long time to make, the backlogs on pre-orders can get very big, very fast and we want to ensure that turnaround times remain prompt and that we're providing the best customer service we can. In the interest of fairness to all of our customers, we are also unable to set brooches aside prior to release.

Why can't I purchase more than one of a certain design?

Because demand for some of our designs often exceeds supply, we have set a limit of one per design per customer to allow as many people as possible a chance to purchase the brooches they want. The purchase limit applies regardless of the intended recipient. After two weeks, the purchase limit resets and you are welcome to purchase a second brooch of the same design. We may restrict purchases of limited or seasonal designs to one per customer per season or year. Please note that purchase limits apply to Seconds Sale brooches as well.

What is the Seconds Sale section?

Occasionally, we will list imperfect brooches in this section at discounted prices. We will include photos of the actual brooch for sale and information about why it's discounted, so please make sure that you read the listing and examine the photos carefully to ensure that you are okay with the flaw(s), as we don't accept returns on Seconds Sale brooches. Seconds brooches will arrive in an organza bag for safekeeping with a care card.

What are Lotteries?

Lotteries are a way to sell rare or retired items. Customers interested in purchasing the item can comment on a post on our site to enter and we will use a random numbers generator to select which customer(s) will receive an invoice for that piece. This is an attempt to make the selling of hard-to-find designs more fair. It's not an auction and we don't entertain offers for an amount over the posted price. It's also not a giveaway; customers who are drawn must still pay for the item and shipping to receive it. Lotteries will be announced on Instagram and will be open to entries for 24 hours. You do not need an account with Tangerine Menagerie to enter.

Can you combine shipping for two or more separate purchases?

Yes! We combine orders when they are being shipped to the same address to help cut down on the price of postage for our customers. We will automatically combine multiple orders placed by the same customer. If you wish to combine shipping with another customer, please make sure that you enter the same address (including name) at checkout. We will refund shipping overages shortly after we have shipped the order. It may take up to 3-5 business days for the funds to appear back in your account once we have processed your refund. For combined orders placed by two or more different people, please note that we are not able to split shipping overage refunds among multiple customers.

Do you have any stockists near me?

Tangerine Menagerie brooches are sold exclusively through our own website.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Because of the time-consuming, handmade nature of Tangerine Menagerie brooches, we only sell direct to customers, and we do not offer bulk pricing.