Important shipping information for Australia and New Zealand

General FAQ

Have a question about returns or a delivery issue? Please see our Policies page! For some frequently asked questions regarding our lotteries, please see our Lottery FAQ.

Why aren't there any products available?

In the past, our releases tended to sell out within minutes or seconds. We now sell brooches in a lottery; for more information, please see our Lottery FAQ.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship all over the world from beautiful Seattle, Washington. If you're in the United Kingdom, please note that post-Brexit import laws have affected our sales to your country. You can find more information here.

Can you make me a custom brooch, or can you change aspects of a brooch that you already make?

No, we do not take custom orders.

Can I place a pre-order for a design that is sold out or that I saw is coming soon?

We do not accept pre-orders or make brooches to order. For a very small business selling time-consuming handmade items, the backlogs on pre-orders can get very big, very fast and become unmanageable and impractical. In the interest of fairness to all of our customers, we are also unable to set brooches aside prior to release.

Can I purchase replacement tins and backing cards from you?

We don't sell tins or backing cards separately from brooches.

Do you have any stockists near me?

Tangerine Menagerie brooches are sold exclusively through our own website; there are no authorized retailers or resellers.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Because of the time-consuming, handmade nature of Tangerine Menagerie brooches, we do not offer bulk pricing and only sell directly to customers.