Lottery FAQ

How do the lotteries work?

We hold back a portion of each batch that Julia makes to sell through a lottery. There is a 24-hour window during which anyone who wishes to purchase the brooch can enter by commenting on the lottery page (a link to which can be found from our homepage any time there is an open lottery). At the end of 24 hours, we draw comments and send a private invoice to each person whose comment was drawn. They then have 24 hours to pay, or a second name will be drawn. We send one reminder email in case the recipient has not seen their invoice.

Why do you sell brooches this way?

Regular releases through our shop often sell out within seconds, so this offers more flexibility to allow everyone, regardless of time zone, a fairer chance to purchase a brooch.

How do I know when a lottery is open?

We announce lotteries on Instagram and also put a link to any open lottery on our homepage.

Can I enter more than once?

No. The purpose of the lotteries is to give more equitable access, so there is a strict limit of one entry per household. Please respect the spirit of fairness and do not enter multiple times, including with different email addresses or using the names of friends or family members who are not entering on their own behalf. Repeat violations will result in disqualification from lotteries.

Will you cancel my invoice if I can’t pay within 24 hours because of a checkout issue?

If we’ve been communicating and you’ve confirmed that you do want the brooch within the 24-hour window but are having problems during checkout, we will hold that piece for you until we can resolve whatever is causing the issue!

I received a reminder email to pay my invoice, but didn’t get an invoice!

Sometimes invoices wind up in spam folders, so that's the first place to check! (To prevent this, you can add to your email contacts or trusted email list.) If you still don’t see the invoice, please let us know as soon as possible so we can re-send it.

If my comment is drawn, may I offer my lottery slot to another person?

No; if you are unable to purchase the brooch or are no longer interested, please respond to the email and let us know that. We will draw a new comment from the pool of entries.

Can I request a different brooch if my comment is drawn?

Lottery brooches are not transferable. Please only enter the lottery if you are interested in the specific brooch that is for sale.

Why do I need to include my shipping country in my comment?

We need to know where you’re located in order to calculate accurate shipping on your invoice. Comments that do not include a shipping country are not valid entries.

Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payment plans or layaway. Invoices need to be paid in full within 24 hours.

Can I return a brooch that I purchased from a lottery?

Yes! Please see our return policy here.