UK Customers

Changes to the United Kingdom's import laws following the finalization of Brexit have impacted our ability to ship to UK customers.

As of January 1, 2021, Tangerine Menagerie is not able to sell to customers in the UK through this website. For the time being, sales to UK customers will be processed through our old Etsy shop. Only orders being shipped to the UK will be affected; all other sales will continue as usual. Etsy has a guest checkout option, so you do not need an account to make a purchase there.

Customers whose comments are drawn in a lottery who have entered the UK as their shipping destination will be sent a link to a reserved listing in the Etsy shop to complete their order, where they will pay VAT (Value Added Tax) at checkout. Previously, VAT on our products has been charged at the border, meaning that the customer pays on receipt. Changes in laws have shifted the burden of collecting and remitting VAT from the UK government to the seller for purchases less than or equal to £135, excluding shipping cost. All of our usual policies apply to these sales.